Sarah Cant, Robyn Liebschner & Rebecca Deakin.

A Team of three Animation Students at the University of the West of England.

Firefly, an insight into a made up forest, where there are great trees hosting all kinds of strange plants & creatures. This 2D Traditional Animation follows these creatures as they discover how to make fireflies by using splashes.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Roots - quick colour

Quick (obviously unfiinshed) colour test for the tree root's shadows / vine test. I like the lattice effect idea, but I think we might have to be a bit careful/ tone it down a tad, in terms of colour, otherwise it's going to be a mass of high-contrast all around the roots/tree, and it'll be really distracting. Otherwise, v. cool :)


Okay, so if the fireflies/light-liquid needs to fall a bit more, we can make the roots taller? but we'd also need to make the liquid/puddles a bit more reflective, for that to register, like so ^^^^
tell me what you think :3

EDIT: forgot, to mention, got some more stuff ideas/ just getting it ready, see you tommorow!

Storyboards (rough)

So I have done some work, sorry about the crappy quality, but I just wanted you guys to see the storyboard now. So we can edit it on monday.
Hope you like

This is a design I really like, its a mixture between a red panda and Becky's drawing. I think its really cute :P

Saturday, 30 October 2010

One Sheet

Draft of one sheet, what do you guys think? Does it need more info on it?

One Sheet

Awesome stuff guys might I just say, looks like its going to look exceptional.

Fungi is really good, I especially like the slightly spikey one, I think the multi coloured ones really stick out as particulary good. Could you have a little fiddle around with some of the flower designs? I'm fond of the one with the leaf over the top (though not for animating, for background). Have a look at the moodboard and exotic flowers. You've got the right idea at the moment, the more interesting the shapes and colours, the more visually appealing it will look.

I'll be putting together the one sheet either today or tommorow, and starting to plan out our presentation too. I'll be using the picture Beccy's produced, and I'll be designing/creating a new font for the production too.

Storyboard is on its way, shots have been briefed out. I've started the shot schedule spreadsheet, though I'm not completing it till everyones happy with shot choices and the actions happening in each.

Keep it up! It's starting to visually come together and its very exciting :D

Friday, 29 October 2010

Picking and Identifying Bioluminescent Fungi

Colour Concept 1

Hope this is showing up properly (colour-wise), otherwise it kinda defeats the point.... If so, this is more what I had in mind.

Concept Sketches

More underneath the cut >>>

Log Line

How does:

Fireflies are made from splashes.

as a log line? I'm useless at them but thats to the point!


For Beccy:

Here's the mood board of the kind of flowers that might be useful.

Also, Robyn and I had a thought about the trees. We were thinking to base this whole thing at the bottom of the tree, so we can really use those lovely root designs. As we want these drips to fall a certain distance before splashing, we came up with the idea that either there are low down branches, or some of the roots can be raised much higher (creating a kind of arch) high enough to give distance between the flowers and the pools at the bottom. What do you think? Robyn drew up a little sketch which she's putting together for a clearer picture. When the camera follows up the fireflies, as we are doing it lovely and angular, we can miss out the tops of the trees altogether.

So all we would need is trunk, some lower branches and those awesome roots for any of the produced backgrounds. I had a thought about the trees as well. It would be nice if a similar pattern followed up the tree trunk, so i was thinking about a lattice style effect. The 'glow worm' things can follow up the lattice (or could be made out of them perhaps?).

Heres a little mood board of some lattice style effects on trees anyway (and just for reference, really love the angle of the bottom left tree! maybe slightly less extreme than that picture though!). No wait I lied, heres just one picture. :)

Just finished sorting out shot choices for the storyboard too. So I'll be emailing the Shot Schedule fairly soon (soon as everyones happy with shot choices)

mucho love x

Creature Design

Heya guys,

here's some designs I've done so far. These were before our meeting today so I know that I have alot of work to do! Will get on doing some more refined designs! Anyway, these are numbered incase you like any so I can work from them.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Perfect Character Design

Hi Guys,

Great stuff so far. I been looking for more concept stuff for you guys to get inspired from. production Schedule is on its way too, just having a little tiff about how many problems are going to arise atm :)

Tried to put some pictures up but the uploader has conked out.

Type 'Cave Glow Worms' into google, theres a feasible reason that the strings could be glowing. I like how they are rather beady actually.

On another note, I'm making a compilation of sources for the creature design. It'll be the stuff that I recon will work the best (though by all means your input on thoughts!), so it will be a more narrowed down inspiration board.

I've seen some promising creatures so far being drawn, so lets see how far we can push this design :D

I did however find something in my searches I think will make you chuckle.....

If the uploader is still crapping out later, I'll send the other bits as a email instead :)

Sarah x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I've made an account for Vimeo and I've also had a look at Celtx.

Celtx is rather interesting actually. It'll be useful for putting together the storyboard and the properly laid out script. Theres also a production schedule built in but I think I'm going to use Excel instead on that case. I'd rather use something I'm familiar with for the organisation documents!

Aparently Vimeo is only 1 HD upload a week however :/

Creature Board

Just some designs I found online that I thought might be useful x


Some things I found for concept art

Welcome to the blog

Blogs up and running, I'll start by posting up the two mood boards I produced for the original pitch. The second one is not really suitable anymore since the story has changed, but we can maybe get some ideas from the colour palette anyway.