Sarah Cant, Robyn Liebschner & Rebecca Deakin.

A Team of three Animation Students at the University of the West of England.

Firefly, an insight into a made up forest, where there are great trees hosting all kinds of strange plants & creatures. This 2D Traditional Animation follows these creatures as they discover how to make fireflies by using splashes.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Order of shots

How exciting guys, we are about to embark on actual animation!!! Ok so this is just for rough animation as cleanup is going to be shared out. Basically so we don't go crazy obsessive over 'our' scene and get to do something else. Also... that little thing called continuity. This is the order which our scenes need to be animated in :

Scene 6
Scene 3
Scene 7
Scene 10
Scene 12
Scene 11
Scene 5
Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 4
Scene 13


For tomorrow (17th Novemeber) Robyn will be animating scene 3, Beccy will be animating scene 6 and Sarah will be animating scene 5.

Monday 22nd

Aim to have all scened roughed
small screening of line tests - Crit

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