Sarah Cant, Robyn Liebschner & Rebecca Deakin.

A Team of three Animation Students at the University of the West of England.

Firefly, an insight into a made up forest, where there are great trees hosting all kinds of strange plants & creatures. This 2D Traditional Animation follows these creatures as they discover how to make fireflies by using splashes.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Some photoshop help

Some notes taken from Ian's workshop about Actions and other photoshop wonders.

To create an action --->
Action > folder > New Action (which is like the new layer button) > function key to F(something) > your actions will start being recorded so be economical with your actions > remember to stop recording when your done!
To repeat the action simply press the button you set, ie: F3

To seperate the drawing from the page --->
create Alpha > ctrl A > ctrl C > channels > new layer > ctrl V > ctrl I > ctrl click on Alpha > Back to Layers > create a new layer > paint bucket black > ctrl D > delete the background > duplicate the layer

A bit dry, but I hope it helps.

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