Sarah Cant, Robyn Liebschner & Rebecca Deakin.

A Team of three Animation Students at the University of the West of England.

Firefly, an insight into a made up forest, where there are great trees hosting all kinds of strange plants & creatures. This 2D Traditional Animation follows these creatures as they discover how to make fireflies by using splashes.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Production Diary 1

Today marks the start of the production diary.

The group participated in a Technical Support Workshop with Ian Friend. There are some possible changes to the aesthetics of the production:

  • A textured boil (acrylic/watercolour/textured paper) will be used to create a 'paint boil' over the top of the characters to give them a 'hand coloured' effect. The texture may also be added to the background so the background and character matches together.
  • Using the walk cycle practise Robyn Liebschner put together in Flash, we also learnt about adding shadows correctly to our hand drawn renders. Theres a choice between hand drawing the shadows and digitally making the shadows. The group decided on digitally making the shadows for various reasons including time management and continuity of shadow.
  • The group learnt about the proper way to scan background images in so they are ready for pan/zoom effects.
  • We revised a past workshop to do with 'Actions' in Photoshop. A revision on using 'Alpha Channels' to remove the unwanted white paper from scans. This removes the line ready for colouring underneath. The 'Actions' function allows us to pick up this line at the press of a button.
Changes to the Animatic:

Improved 2nd Scene Long Pan over the Swamp & Tree. Taken back through After Effects.

1st Scene changed into a Zoom through separate Layers.

New 'More Dramatic' Scene 6. Slipping of the Creature.

Layouts finished ( Apart from the revised Scene 6).

Start Animating on Tuesday pm.

File Management put together too! Distributing System on Monday.

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  1. This is so useful!! Definatly something to keep up :)